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Bird's eye photo of people sitting a large table full of foodHealthy eating
Unlock the
potential of food

A series of columns marking Nutrition Month
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May/June 2018

Food has the power to do many things.

It can give us the energy we need to power through the day, provide us with the nutrients needed to recover from injury, and bring us together at mealtimes to share stories and experiences.

The theme for this year's Nutrition Month, which takes place every March, underscores the point. Entitled "Unlock the Potential of Food," it was selected by the Dietitians of Canada to remind Canadians that we can all lead longer, happier, healthier lives by making healthy eating choices.

To learn how you can unlock food's potential, click on the columns below.

Photo of a family at meal time

Meal time is family time
Eating together offers opportunity to share experiences

Are family meals becoming a thing of the past? Thirty per cent of Canadians find it challenging to fit in meals with friends or family, and say that busy work schedules and evenings jam-packed with activities are the biggest barriers to eating together. In fact, roughly one-third of Canadians never or seldom eat together as a family. Read More

Photo of a container of healthy snacks on a table

Fuel for the fire
Healthy snacks can keep you energized all day long

When you think about snacking, what comes to mind? Is it a negative or positive habit? Is it eating cookies and chips, or yogurt with berries, or tuna on crackers? Is it something you do late at night while watching television, or during the day to keep yourself energized until dinnertime? Read More

Artistic rendition of a vegetable-filled pill on the end of a fork

Eating to heal
Certain foods can speed your recovery from illness or injury

Most people know they can enhance their health and well-being by eating a balanced diet. But did you know that food can also help you recover more quickly from sickness or injury? It's a little-known fact that our energy needs change when we are facing health challenges, whether it be recovering from surgery, fighting the flu or dealing with a chronic health disease. Read More

Photo of a mother feeding her young child

Kids in the kitchen
Plant the seeds for healthy eating habits early in life

Everyone knows that the seeds for healthy eating habits are planted early on in life. No wonder then that many parents worry about whether they are doing enough to ensure their kids learn to love the nutritious foods that will help them grow up healthy and strong. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to set your child up for a lifetime of healthy eating, and it all begins with getting your kids involved in every aspect of meal preparation. Here are a few tips. Read More

Photo of different types of fruits on a table

Build a healthy diet
The right food choices can help prevent chronic disease

Do you know someone who has a chronic health condition or disease? Chances are that you do. It is estimated that just over one in every two Canadians over the age of 20 lives with a chronic health condition or disease. Want to build your own chronic disease prevention diet? Read More